Deathwatch Miniatures Background – REVEALED?

By Rob Baer | February 18th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Who are the new Deathwatch characters that are coming our way soon? Believe it or not, it looks like they’ve been here all along, come see.

The BoLS commenters are on the case and dug up the background on the new Deathwatch minis that we just spotted earlier today:

Source: BoLS

I was right. It IS the 10 Deathwatch characters from the BL stories.

Ultramarines: Vael Donatus
Blood Angels: Antor Delassio
Dark Angels: Zameon Gydrael
Space Wolves: Drenn Redblade
Iron Hands: Ennox Sorrlock
White Scars: Jetek Suberei
Imperial Fists: Rodricus Grytt
Raven Guard: Edryc Setorax
Salamanders: Garran Branatar
Blood Raven: Jensus Natorian

same characters than BL books

Edryc Setorax

Vael Donatus

Zaemon Gydrael

Antor Delassio

Rodricus Grytt

Ennox Sorlock

With perhaps other potential characters: (to make a squad of 10)

Drenn Redblade

Jetek Suberei

Garran Branatar

Jensus Natorian

So how does todays reveals go along with that we’ve been hearing all week? Checkout what “hobby insider” Sad Panda had to say about the new release.


Via Sad Panda 2-16-2016

Q: guru wrote:
Deathwach vs genestealer cult game
A: You don’t have to wait till May for that one.

Q: WhhhhhhaaaAAAAT?

 Come on Panda, you can’t drop the mic and walk off after that one, tell us more…

A: Hmmmm…

Deathwatch miniatures in the boxed game are all mono-pose characters (think Space Hulk, except with normal bases). Sternguard rumors are nonsense. One is possibly the first dedicated Blood Ravens mini by GW (feel free to correct me there. My GW-history-fu is weak)?

Lots of cultists, a few pure genestealers, another new broodlord.

Multi-part kits later this year.

Q: the_Armyman wrote:
So, is this another offering from the fledgling Specialist Games Studio or is this a GW Main Studio product?

A: This is main studio. It is in hard plastic and the miniatures can be used in 40K without conversions.

People underestimate the lead time on those boxed games / starter sets in plastic.

The Deathwatch game was finished by the time EF was released.
The AoS-themed boxed game you’ll see this summer was finished by the time the AoS starter was released.
The second HH boxed game this fall was finished by the time Calth was released.

The specialist games studio was launched a little more than a month ago. The teased Blood Bowl stuff was probably the first work this team did after starting their new jobs in January. It will likely be among the first things they will release, and I don’t think they are aiming for 2016.

Here’s some of the remarks Sad Panda was referencing, below:

Previously a source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity, said:

  • Opposition force for the Deathwatch in the Boardgame is Tyranids.
  • Look for Genestealers, Warriors, Lictors.
  • There is a “box only” Lictor Character.
  • As with Betrayal at Calth – these are standard 40K models fully usable outside the boardgame.
  • There is chatter of potential Deathwatch op-for xenos expansions for the boardgame (Orks, etc…)

Well that looks exciting to say the least. Now we just need an enemy for them to fight?

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