In a Basement Far Far Away! Star Wars X-Wing Battle Report

By Kevin Armitage | February 10th, 2016 | Categories: Battle Reports, Star Wars, X-Wing 2.0

FFGSWX23 outrider dash xwing

Today we have a Rebel vs. Rebel 100 point dog fight. The Basement Collective is finally branching out to cover more exciting games, like X-Wing, come see!

X-wing Batreps are here! Check out Irvin’s 100 Point List including Dash Rendar, vs. John’s 100 point list including Miranada Doni.

Fleet Lists

Irvin – 99 points

  • Dash Rendar with Outrider, Recon Specialist, Anit-Pursuit Lasers, Lone Wolf, Heavy Laser Cannons, for a whopping – 55 points
  • 2x Blue Squadron Pilots – 44 points

John – 99 points

  • Miranda Doni – Twin Laser Turret, Tactician – 37 points
  • Gold Squardon Pilot – Twin Laser Turret, BTL-4A Y-Wing, R3-A2 – 26 points
  • 3x – Bandit Squadron Pilots – 36 points

Please let us know what you think about the battle report. Also on a quick note, Irvin is very new to this game and still very much learning. Let him know some advice on how he can better himself. Also any points on how to make the batreps better would be much appreciated.

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As Always, Keep on Wargaming!


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