Deathwatch – New Kill Team Cassius Pics REVEALED!

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If you love Space Marines, you have to see these new high res pictures and great close-ups of all the breaking pictures form Deathwatch Overkill!

Over 40 new miniatures are headed our way this week in the new Deathwatch: Overkill boxed set!



Time to dig in and take a close look at some high res pictures of the new Deathwatch models themselves: behold Deathwatch kill team Cassisus!

Source: Our friends at Lexicanum

The Deathwatch are a unique and specially trained Space Marine Chapter that dedicates its every hour to xenos hunting. They are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, charged with protecting it in its search of information, containment, and ultimate destruction of all xeno species.

Rather than following the standard Codex Astartes organization, the Space Marines themselves are drawn from many different chapters. These chapters have sworn sacred oaths to raise a unit of Space Marines specifically for this task. The warriors are then gathered together to fight where and when they are needed.

Giant fortresses orbit desolate worlds at the edge of the galaxy, keeping constant vigil over possible xenos forces. There are also several secret bases spread throughout the Imperium, which provide a launch site for their crusades.

The warriors who fight are given the honour of painting their armour black (to show their service to the Emperor), while leaving one shoulder pad with the original insignia of the Chapter from which the marine came.

Although the armour is painted black, it is never all painted black as this action would dishonour the armour’s Machine Spirit. They also are equipped with a new shoulder pad with the symbol of Deathwatch onto their other side.

Once in the employ of the Deathwatch, there is no set length of time for service, rather it is as long as the commander deems necessary. Each Space Marine may serve a discrete amount of time, or for the duration of a mission, which may be a number of years. Once the mission is complete, the Space Marine is allowed to return to his chapter, under an oath of silence, as their duty has been fulfilled.

Photo Source: Figouz

The Kill Team Cassius Deathwatch

Garran Branatar – the Terminator Kill Team Cassius 

Jetek Suberei – Biker Sergeant of the Kill Team Cassius

Ortan Cassius – The Chaplain of the Kill Team Cassius 


Wow, talk about big damn heroes! There is so much potential for these figures, the conversion and hobby possibilities are amazing. Plus these models literally can be used for a slew of existing special characters from Khan to Shrike, if you want a Space Marine hero in plastic this box may be the perfect place to start!

And this is just one side of the box set, checkout the rest of the close-ups of the Astartes, and all of the Genestealer pictures plus the very latest on the new Deathwatch Overkill box set below:

Deathwatch: OVERKILL Roundup

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