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Comes see the new special characters for the Space Marine Legions that are appearing in Horus Heresy Book IV Retribution!

Via Garro 30k Horus Heresy Board 2-6-2016

General Legion Crusade Updates and Additions.

  • legion praevian and delegatus are now published, no different than rules in faq
  • new consul type called the ‘herald; gains ‘rite of command’, support officer and a banner. the banner’s rules changes depending on if you’re a loyalist, traitor or blackshield. each has their own rules, the blackshields banner confers fear and +1ld to friendly units within 12″. the loyalist banner confers +1ws to all legion astartes within 12″ to a max of ws5. the traitor banner confers +1″ to charge and run distances and may reroll 1’s to hit in assaults to units within 12″.
  • leviathan seige talon is in, same as pdf rules but with the added cyclonic melta lance 18″str9 ap1 heavy3, melta
  • contemptor-cortus is here. basically a contemptor with lower strength and side/back armour, has fleet and move through cover. gains a flat 5+ invuln. it had all the usual dreadnought weapons and has an ‘atomatic overcharge’ which allows it to pick a bonus from a list but at the end of the turn, must roll a 2+ or lose a hull point. cheapest of the FW dreadnought classes and is an elites choice.
  • rapier quad-launchers are now their own unit. initially the same as before, but has only frag shells, and can then buy shatter, incendiar or splinter shells (anti-armour, anti cover, lower str but rending). if the army has a siege breaker, the unit can upgrade to carry phosphex canister shells which are exactly what you think.
  • the vindicator has its updated rules for the laser destroyer array, and is now a a tank squadron of 1-3.
  • mastodon is a beast, 14 all round with 10 hull points and 2 void shields. all the melta weapons on the front are actually a single weapon rules wise. 12″ range, str 9 ap1, heavy4, blast (3″) melta and each pen against a building or fortification becomes D3 pens. holds 40 models. it can also carry up to 2 regular dreads or contemptors (not dreados or levis). they count as 10 models each and count towards the 40 models limit.

Named Characters For The Legions 

  • Endryd Harr: loyalist world eater who ‘missed the memo’ about turning against the emperor. rather pissed. he’s a agent of the emperor as the rest of his regiment have all died. he has an unique verison of the legiones astartes rule, reflecting he’s not been part of the legion during their downfall. praetor statline with archeotech pistol and power fist
  • Autilon Skorr: the alpha legion event character appears here, with additional rule,if the game runs ‘random length’ then he may choose to auto-pass the dice roll for turns 6&7, and gains FNP(3+) and fearless for those turns
  • Gahlan Surlak: worlds eaters version of ‘fabulous’ bile, a lovely gent who’s basically gone “fuck it instead of helping the injured, i’m going to make the ‘nails’ even worse. he can ‘augment’ any tactical squad, giving them +1 str and FNP (6+) but they also have -1BS and are no longer scoring (still denial). in addition those units don’t confer VP for being killed. he also has another rule for any unit he joins, in any assault phase the entire unit can have +1 attack, but at the end of the phase, each surviving model must roll a 2+ or be removed from play. doesn’t effect minis with the ‘character’ rule.
    This last rule is also applied to all WE primus medicae and apothecaries.
  • Tybalt Marr the ‘either’: praetor grade character with special sword and a a warlord trait that means any enemy unit deployed within 24″ of him (after scout and infiltrate) must take a pinning test at the start of the game.
  • Shadrak Meduson: tough guy, praetor grade statline, and some special wargear. counts as a ironhand, raven guard and salamander for the purpose of which rites of war he’s army can take when part of a shattered legion army. his warlord traitor gives IH, RG and sallies furious charge, hatred and crusader for a single turn of their choosing.
  • Cassian dracos reborn: gets recovered from isstvan 5. now living-ish machine god. all existing rules, but much lower side and back armour. gains cybertheurgy and a unique rite which allows him to posses enemy automata and shoot with them if he wins a roll-off.
  • Narik Dreygur: iron warriors event character. may be used as a traitor in a IW army, or a loyalist in an army with cassian reborn or Xiaphas jurr, as he survives an AL assassination attempt in this book and joins a shattered legion element taking his battle-automata with him.
  • Xiaphas jurr: salamander chaplain who is a also a level 1 psyker.
  • Kheron ophion of the Kyroptera: Night lords character who gets improvded FNP as he gets injured.

New Mechanicum Units and Rules

  • new dark archmagos dominus named character, f**k ton of special rules giving minor boosts to automata but the highlight is his melee weapon with is AP2 and each sucessful hit, auto-wounds D3 times. no FNP allowed and can’t regain the wounds with IWND.
  • Arlatax-class battle-automata: roughly the same stats as a castellax but is a JUMP PACK MONSTROUS CREATURE! has a plasma blaster and two power claws (+2str ap2, shred) which have built in mini-assault cannons (24″ str6 ap4 heavy3). may upgrade one of the claws to a arc scourge, which is conferes rampage and armourbane (must choose which weapon is being used)
  • the marcocadid explorator, ordinatus, knight-atrapos and updated cybertheugy rules from the mechanicum red book are printed here as well.

Yet more solid new rules for Retribution. This book really looks to be one of the better ones in series, and may just be a great starting point for new players coming over from buying Betrayal at Calth starters!

Horus Heresy 2016 Weekender Roundup

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