New Space Marine Deathwatch Pictures REVEALED

By Rob Baer | February 20th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k


Cleanse and purge! Come see the hot new Space Marine models that are coming our way in just over a week in the new Deathwatch Overkill box. They’re grim dark-tastic!

Source: Warhammer 40 Campaigns (and various others on Facebook) 2-20-2016

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Champions of their respective chapters though and though, the new Deathwatch Overkill box contains a squad of Space Marine “all-stars”, each one forming a super team to root out and eradicate the Genestealer cult BEFORE they can alert the Tyranid hive fleet to a ripe planet’s whereabouts.

Hobby wise this is a collectors dream come true – a chance to paint not one, but TEN different chapters of Astartes and play narrative games with them.

Don’t forget at the very least you can use them as “counts as” models in your Space Marine army as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Games Workshop put out a formation that you lets you field them in their entirety as well.

No word yet on the box set details, but keep it locked here for additional details throughout the day!

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