New Space Wolves Rules REVEALED

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The new Space Wolves rules are HERE! Come see the Wulfen, new wargear and their curse chart – in English!

Via Scanner 2-01-2016

The new wulfen rules, but readable

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Well now that we have these bad boys, the Wulfen are looking even better. +2 points for assault grenades that while they may not shoot them, overwatch is always good. Plus checkout the “reaping swing” rule on the Frost Axe, that may change some folks outlook on how to equip these guys as well.

Another rule of note is the Bounding leap, which appears to only confer to the Wulfen themselves and not any units that join them. Either way these guys can move fast when paired with the Rapid Maneuver warlord trait from the Dark Angels while accompanied by their warlord.

Lions and Wolves, Cats and Dogs fighting together… this is may truely be the end times..

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