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By Rob Baer | February 16th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Checkout the readable English language pictures of the BIG new 40k  Tau product offerings that are coming soon for 40k!

Here’s what’s coming your way for Advanced Order this weekend!

Via Scanner 1-26-2016

Tau Empire Coalition Command $60

12722705_10153464904563546_84541949_oCopy of 12722705_10153464904563546_84541949_o

The new Command box looks to be a handy way to pick up the two newest HQ models for the Tau Empire. For the Ethereal this is the third time Games Workshop has repacked him in three months.  However at $50 MSRP for the Crisis Commander, $10 more for the Ethereal seems like a solid deal!

Farsight Enclaves $33


Copy of 12698960_10153464904593546_398525364_o

The new Farsight enclaves looks to be a re-packaging of the content from Mont’k and Kauyon supplements last fall in a paperback form.  Great if you missed those books, or just want something with Farsights fluff from the previous Enclaves book, and the new updated rules.

Tau Transfer Sheet $20

12736898_10153464904598546_483369951_o - Copy (2)

Here’s the complete breakdown of the new releases coming our way soon!

  • Tactical Supremacy Card Set $16.50
  • Warboss Grukk’s Boss Mob (Includes new Warboss Clampack) $50
  • Start Collecting Orks Box $85
  • Farsight Enclaves $33
  • Waaagh Ghazghkull Supplement $33
  • Tau Empire Coalition Command $60
  • Ork Transfer Sheet $20
  • Tau Transfer Sheet $20

Black Library Offerings:

  • Grey Talon (audio book) $20
  • Pharos Hardback $30

And of course this weeks BIG rumor:


So looks like while there isn’t a lot of “new” product son the Tau side this week, there is enough to whet our whistle for now.

Keep it locked right here for more information on the twin Ork and Tau releases, new 40k Tactical Supremacy, and more!

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