40k OP Kit: Spring Event Full Details REVEALED

By Rob Baer | March 25th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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It’s all here folks! Come see all the juicy details about the new 40k Organized Play kit that’s rolling into a local store near you this spring!

Source: Captain Citadel


what_is_Tank_Shock running_tank_shock


Each kit contains:

  • 4 Missions of various engagement levels
  • 1 Painting Competition
  • 1 In-Store Building Activity
  • 3 sets of participation certificates for the hobby-centric  Engines of war build, and the Armored Escalation Painting events (one set for veterans and Youngbloods alike)
  • Badges (the pins pictured below)
  • Tank Shock Tokens (the punch token cards for vehicle damage, etc.)

Tank Shock will be a series of four linked events that look to culminate in a full on tank battle tournament played out 2 vs. 2 on 4×6 tables.  This is not just happening folks, it’s will be in stores this spring in fact!

The cost for the kits ($500 or $1000) is a package deal of merchandise at a BIGGER discount level than normal on a selection of Tanks and other vehicles to stock the shelves for this quarterly event.

Here’s some of the shots of the swag from Tank Shock via BoLS:



Does this sound like your cup of hobby tea? Leave it in the comments folks – let’s see what everyone thinks about the new details!

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