Adepticon 2016 40k Champs – Armies on Parade

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Come see some of the best looking looking armies at the 40k Championships at this years Adepticon 2016.

A solid hobby showing at Adeption this year for the 40k Championships. Checkout some of the close-ups of this years top Armies on Parade!

033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-207 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-208 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-209 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-210 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-211 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-212 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-213 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-214 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-215 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-216 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-217 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-218 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-219 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-220 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-221 033116-Adepticon40kChampMinis-222

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