Beetle Fearless – MUST SEE Conversion!

beetle fearless

If you’re wondering what the heck that awesome conversion was in White Dwarf #112, come see it close up NOW!

This amazing conversion comes to us from across the pond in France, on the amazing Blog De Kouzes

It has taken a while, I have to admit that it was a sacred piece, but here are finally Lukas Kupferberg ship in colors: Beetle Fearless!
And as usual for this kind of “centerpiece”, nothing like a good video BDK 360 to discover every angle:
Scarab' DSC_0716 DSC_0719
Yup it’s a Knight Chasis Under There
Epic Base
VTOL Landed, to re-fuel and resupply.
This is easily one of the most amazing conversion I have ever seen. How about you?

Checkout more over at Blog De Kouzes

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