New Dracoth Dragon Pictures REVEALED

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GW just took the wraps off the new art including some spectacular shots of the new Dragon for the Stormcasts. Checkout the new kit for Age of Sigmar.

Source:  GW, Black Library & Apple iTunes

Teasers of the new art from the digital editions:



Lightning from the sky!


Ohh, that’s going to get infected…


Dragons dragons everywhere!


When these are the “little dragons”, you know Archaon has problems…



I bet there will be a rainbow of Dragon colors available for you to choose from.


There is the BIG guy – the STAR DRAKE! Eat your heart out Karl Franz.


Wait WHAT? Behemat the World Titan, a Mech-Kraken, and Manticore Terror-flocks???

extremis-8 extremis-9

It’s right there in black and white – Stardrakes eat Thundertusks.  The miracle of the food chain!


5 Wounds and a 3+ save.  Yikes! Now read “Intolerable Damage” and “Storm Blast”


Some days being a Chaos Warrior sucks…

Battletome: Stormcast Eternals Extremis (hardback) $35

This 88-page Battletome contains all the information and rules you need in order to field the Extremis Chamber, Azyr’s mightiest battlefield formations – their organisation, structure, tactics, heraldry and retinues. Included are:

– extensive background and information on the Extremis Chamber – who they are, how they organise themselves and how the take the fight to Chaos in the mortal realms

– warscrolls for each and every member of the Stormcast Eternals Extremis Chamber, with rules for deployment;

– four Warscroll Battalions, powerful detachments of heavenly warriors with their own special rules;

– two linked Battleplans – scenarios designed to test the mightiest of Sigmar’s warriors in fierce combat with their own strategies and rules;

– comprehensive information on organisation, colour schemes and markings of the various Stormhosts;

– a stunning showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures, backed up by amazing artwork and fantastic stories from the mortal realms! 

~Back to hardcovers we goooooooooo?

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