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Looks like we may finally see some of the new Forge World Heavy Weapons that they teased us with over a month ago! Come see the new images!

Source: Scanner

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And looks like some hand weapons are coming in hot as well soon:

Copy of 12064409_10153549627218546_1654174524_n

Here’s the Heavy Weapon teaser Forge World dropped back on February 22nd:

Source: Forge World

Who doesn’t like big guns? Tyranids maybe, or any xeno menace facing an armoured column of the Astra Militarum. But who on the right side of the Imperium doesn’t like big guns?

The Forge World Studio have been hard at work designing new patterns of heavy weapons to join the Space Marine Legion armouries. Take a look?

pic4_lrgpic2_lrg (1)pic3_lrg (1)pic1 (6)
These underslung heavy weapons were produced on forge worlds from across known space, many lost since the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Some of the weapons are more akin to those in use by Imperial and Chaos forces in the 41st millennium than those regularly seen in use during the Great Crusade.

So hopefully we’ll see these bad boys soon like the new pictures from the White Dwarf seems to indicate these new heavy weapon upgrades will be here soon!

New Heresy Weapons Roundup


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