The Prime Battle Walker – Your Next Knight Titan?


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Did Valentines leave your wallet a little light, but you still want get your Imperial Knight on? Don’t worry, I got the solution after the jump!

The new Prime Battle Walker, from Puppets War, has got some seriously amazing Hobby potential and I’m really excited to show you all the nitty gritty details that make this new kit so special.

The Prime Battle Walker rumbles onto the scene.
Ripley? Is that you?!

When I got my hands on this I immediately started wondering how many of these kits I could fit into an Army and what models they could stand in for but I had to reign myself in when I realized that I needed to make a video for all you Hobby Maniacs and then I had to get a write up done. Fact: The Hobby struggle is real.

If you haven’t heard of Puppets War, they’re from Poland and they have been making great resin miniatures for years. Not only are they amazing but there selection is huge and covers imperial armies, chaos, orks, necrons, among others. So definitely check them out.

As for the meat and potatoes of this article, The Prime Battle Walker comes in three flavors. The key feature, at least to me, is that when assembled it’s exactly the same height as an Imperial Walker. Each kit goes for about $45USD and there are some extra weapons including: Claws, Autocannons, a Sword, Plasmagun, Gatling guns, LasCanons, Rockets, you name it.

Claws, Swords, Guns, Oh My
I need ALL the weapons. Twice.
Magnets come with the kit
Did I mention you get magnets?!

I’m really blown away by how well it goes together and all the little details. The Upper Chest/Shoulder section is really cool, it has a fully open cockpit and a bunch of different heads, including an option for a pilot, depending on what you want. The head options are what really separate the different versions.

Details of Cockpit
Check out all those little details!

At the bottom there’s a round joint that slots into the lower chest section. On the back you’ll notice some really great details, engines, exhausts, pipes, and just lots of really cool innovative styling’s.

You’ll also notice there are little holes in the carapace; this is where the magnets pop in so you can equip it with different weapons on the fly. It’s got a peg for support and another for the magnet to prevent it from going where you don’t want to go. The pin and magnet set up is a really great feature; which in my Hobby Maniac mind, makes this kit really innovative.

The slot and pin system for weapon options
It’s full of holes
Rocket launcher pin and magnet system.
The Pin and Magnet system up-close

Below the chest piece there’s a waist which lets you position the chest independently left and right. The waist joint has a round bottom that slides into a hip joint, it’s a ball and socket system which lets you pivot up and down as well as left and right depending on what you want to do with it.

Space Marine next to Prime Walker chest
Hey baby, want some chaos inside you?

As with most resin mini’s you have to do some work to get everything to fit just right but that’s not unheard of for such a big kit. To give you a sense of scale, my chaos space marine buddy could easily pilot this thing, that’s how big it is.

The entire basic set

The legs themselves are the typical warhound titan style leg, the top portion (femur) joints into the hip, the lower leg slots into it and then the feet. The feet, aren’t hoofed but they are tau like. The whole leg system can move in myriad of different positions from kneeling to standing.

The shoulders lock into the chest piece and the arms then socket into the shoulders, which give them their own range of motion. The upper arm slots into the lower arm The weapon options then pin/magnet into there. Again, Puppets War gave us pre-made holes to slot in magnets so that we can swap out weapons.

It comes stock with two different sets of hands, one under-slung style weapon holder with the hand wrapped around the grip as well as just an open hand.

The underslung weapon arm
Underslung option

There are several different head options, three tau like heads, and then one that adds in a pilot and a canopy.

Boxy Head
Anyone for toast?
Optimus Prime like head
Boba Fett meets Optimus Prime
Tau-Like head
Are you Tau?

The canopy is such that you COULD cut out the window area’s so you can see the guy inside ala Ripley in Aliens.

Pilot option slots into the normal head options.
Pilot Option
Pilot underneath, Canopy sits on top.
The Canopy on top

For about 50 bucks you have an amazing unit with tons of different options, looking incredibly unique on the table top, I really can’t say enough good things about this amazing kit.

How many of these awesome kits are you going to get?

The Prime Battle Walker – Your Next Knight Titan?


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