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By Rob Baer | April 10th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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It’s raining new Space Marine rules this morning. Tons of new rules are out there from all the various previews of the Angels of Death book over the weekend!

Source: Games Workshop & YouTube



(Transcribed by Evan Valdyke)

Anvil Strike Force:
Same restrictions IRT core, aux and command as a Gladius except only allowed 2 command instead of 3.

Command Benefits:
“Master of mechanised warfare: You may choose a vehicle form this detachment to be your warlord, even if your army inclues characters. If you do, your warlord has the following warlord trait:

Big Guns Never Tire: (skipping fluff) At the end of your shooting phase, your warlord can nominate himself or another vehicle from this detachment that is within 24″ of him. This vehicle can immediately fir its weapon again.
Armour of Contempt: Vehicles in an Anvil Strike Force Detachment ignore the effects of Crew Shaken and Crew stunned damage results, though they will still loose a Hull Point”


and last but not least two new formations (Raven Guard one was in a Tau Expansion)


Wow that is a ton of rules all in one handy dandy place. Some of those formations even appear to be new content at first glance, and we all know the new psychic powers are for sure. 

Checkout the rest of the preview including what looks to be a guide to using the Marines from the Betrayal at Calth Box set below:

Angels of Death Roundup

The game of 40k could fundamentally change, with the initiative swinging back to the forces of the Imperium next week, what side will YOU choose?

Did someone say die for the Emperor?

Aaron Aleong Speaks – The Truth Behind Adepticon 2016 Long War Episode 46


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