Fat Han & Poe vs TLT Scum, X-Wing Battle Report

By Barclay Montgomery | April 14th, 2016 | Categories: Battle Reports, Star Wars, X-Wing 2.0


Can Fat Han survive the barrage of Twin Laser Turret death?  Checkout another X-Wing battle report featuring Han Solo and Poe vs four Scum TLT Y-Wings!


PS 9 Han Solo – Predator + Millenium Falcon + Chewbacca + C-3PO + Engine Upgrade

PS 8 Poe Dameron – Push the Limit + Autothrusters + R5-P9

100 points

The classic Fat Han. He comes equipped with Predator to help take maximum advantage of Han’s pilot ability reroll. Chewbacca and C-3PO are there to buff his defense and Han has to be flying the Millennium Falcon. Engine Upgrade helps you boost into tight spots to get that Range 1 shot to finish off your foes! Poe is Pushing the Limit to help him get his Focus that he loves to keep to gain a shield back with R5-P9. He can also boost or target lock to maximize his damage output.



PS 2 Syndicate Thug – Twin Laser Turret + Unhinged Astromech

PS 2 Syndicate Thug – Twin Laser Turret + Unhinged Astromech 

PS 2 Syndicate Thug – Twin Laser Turret + Unhinged Astromech 

PS 2 Syndicate Thug – Twin Laser Turret + Unhinged Astromech 

100 points 

The dreaded TLT Y-Wing list! This list deals out a barrage of 6 damage a turn. This list loves to eat up big ships with low agility, and you can see in this video if Fat Han can weather the storm. Unhinged Astromech helps the Y-Wing clear stress and makes their 3 turns green, adding extra mobility to get some distance to make sure the range 2-3 TLT can fire effectively.

Take a look at our battle report here!

Fat Han & Poe vs TLT Scum

Never tell me the odds!

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