Free Painted Miniatures Shipping To Supporters in May!

By Rob Baer | April 2nd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Don’t miss this great way to help support our video features here on Spikey Bits, and score FREE painted miniatures & more back for your support!

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If you enjoy our Spikey Bits video features, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon.  After your first whole month of $1 support you’ll get a FREE Spikey Bits Swag Bag from us full of miniature goodies.


This month we’ll be featuring Kromlech & Blood and Skulls Industries swag! Plus we just got in some Forge World goodies to sort in to shipments as well.

And last but certainly not least SPIKEY BITS ACRYLIC TEMPLATES will go out to every new, and current paid supporter in May for their April support as well.


Checkout these mockups of our design, actual product will be arriving to the Spikey Bits’s studio very soon!

Please help us reach our milestone goals and stay AD FREE on YouTube for 2016, by pledging at least $1 a video.

If you haven’t support us yet, well hey maybe now is the time. You get a free subscription to the Long War.net Hall of Veterans which is a $5.99 value itself, access to early and exclusive content there, PLUS a Spikey Bits Swag Bag, with sweet Kromlech and/or Blood and Skulls industries swag and an exclusive set of acrylic Spikey Bits templates!


That’s right for all of April we be giving away to everyone who pledges $1 or more a video a swag bag FULL of hot miniature and acrylic swag, plus supporters of $3 a video or more will also get squad sized chunks of this HUGE painted Horus Heresy army that I bought of a friend recently.

Here’s the overall list of models that will be shipping out (in May) to folks for their April 2016 support:

2 Storm Eagle 6 Drop Pods 3 Stormraven 18Sniper Rifle Scouts 1 Vindicare Assassin (plastic)1 Emperors Champion 1 Power Fist Plasma Gun 2 Power Fist Combi Plas 18 MK6 FW Combi plasma 6 Plasma Gun 3 Flamers 6 Melta Gun 10 Combi Meltas 2 Missle Launchers 3 Lascannons 8 CCW BP Scouts 2 Scouts With Missile Launchers 57 Marines W/ Bolters 5 Cataphatii w/ TH SS 1 Lysnader 7 Cataphatii w/ PF SB 1 Cataphatii w/ PF SB Cyclone 2 Storm Talons w/ AC & Magneize Missles 8 Razorback / Rhinos with 4 Rhino top plates 4 venerable Dreadnoughts w/ Twin Autocannons (manetized)2MK IV Ferrus Dreanoughts w. Twin Autocannons (manetized)1 Contemptor w/ Lascannon, autocannon, assault cannons, CCW and dorsal missile lancher (magneized)

That’s like nearly 100 marines, and all the vehicles for them that are up for grabs!

Now keep in mind I’d break it all into squad sized “chunks” depending on how much each person pledged and such but it all will go out to brand new supporter’s homes!

A lot of the models in the army were featured in this video:

Plus the FREE MINIATURES don’t stop there folks, every month if you pledge over $3 a video (or a minimum of $30 in support) you will receive a box of swag valued at over the total amount you just pledged (minus shipping expense)…

It’s like the Robin Hood of support, except for you get what you give… back!


All items are drawn from our Spikey Bits Miniature Vault that we’ve showcased in past video unboxings and features. So you know you’ll be getting some fresh swag back each month from us just for being a supporter (see the title picture for an idea of the kinds of models we’ve shipped out in the past).

If you want a certain brand or type of minis (we default to 40k and 40k type swag) like  X-Wing or Armada, just send us an email when you register to let us know, and we’ll make it happen for you!  Even if we didn’t review that type of product that month we got your back!


What we do here isn’t about money, but it takes money to do the things we do!

This new format helps us share with you all the perks of doing what we do, while growing our support level to increase our ability to keep bringing the hobby back!

Look at it this way, you tip your barista or waiter and all they do is bring your food. Help us enrich your hobby life, stay ad free on YouTube and bring hobby back – support us on Patreon today!

Please Help Support Us

Checkout all the details for support levels on our Patreon page itself. If you don’t want painted swag just tell me in May when I start to ship it out, and we’ll get you something else shiny!

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