Imperial Walkers Spotted – Adepticon 2016 Battle of Hoth


Checkout arguably one of the coolest boards from Adepticon 2016 – HOTH! It is apparently a home ruled Star Wars Hoth Battle.

It is apparently a home ruled Hoth Battle. They appear to use WoC and Imperial Assault minis, though I noticed the X-Wing and the Snowspeeder are old Micro Machine Action Fleet toys painted up a little better.

This was evidently done by the boys over at Beasts of War, and you can check out a cool VLOG of how they did it and the finished product here! This game was part of their armature game designer game contest, designed by Grant Ennis. It was a 1 page ruleset based around formations and intended for very fast pick up play on a large scale.

So these guys are the WoC AT-AT from the defunct Star Wars Minis game they made OR possibly the old Kenner toy. Not sure. But they really do dominate the battlefield.

The shield generator is in range! Maximum Fire Power!

“Transport, I’m getting her out on the Falcon!”

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  • Hurakan Webster

    This was built by the guys from Beasts of War and displayed at salute 2015. They finally got over here for people to see. Awesome work. I think they still have their blog on the website if you want more details.

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