NEW Battlefleet Gothic Video Game REVEALED

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No computer? No problem! Come fight the Tyranids in the new Battlefleet Gothic digital version game for mobile!

Source: Grand Cauldron

Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan is the faithful digital version of the tabletop game. This turn based strategy game takes place during the Shield of Baal campaign, as seen from a space-eye view of the action. The game will be available on iOS (mobile and tablet) in spring 2016.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s not like others app games and why your readers would love to hear about this game:

  • Pay Once, Play forever: A premium game with no in-app purchases
  • We recreated the real experience of miniatures gaming on mobile
  • There are 3 playable races in multiplayer mode

Command your fleets in the W40K universe


Solar system Cryptus, 41st millenium.

The Tyranids razed the Vitria system and are now heading towards Baal. The Hive fleet Leviathan progresses inexorably, ready to ravage a new sector of the galaxy.

Unable to lose Baal, the forces of the Imperial Fleet, Astra Militarum and Adepta Sororitas, assembled and prepared to assault the enemy. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to counter the voracious enemy who overwhelmed the defences and orbital barriers… Within minutes, the bulk of the Imperial Navy fleet in charge of defending the Cryptus system was destroyed and Admiral Julius van Avacor died.

Your only hope is to resist until the arrival of the Blood Angels Space Marines. It is now your duty to reorganize the scattered squadrons and continue the fight against the Tyranid invasion. Move your fleets through space, push the Shadow of the Warp gradually expanding and beware of the Tyranid vanguard, they won’t hesitate to use vicious strategems.

Select from around fifty warships to build your ultimate army. Customize your fleet with weapons and special improvements you can won by successfully finishing missions.


NEW Battlefleet Gothic Video Game REVEALED

Personally I like the idea of paying once to play, with no “freemium” purchases in game.  We’ll see if its got the juice to keep iOS users coming back for more soon!


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