NEW RULES – Space Marine Psychic Powers REVEALED!

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Come see the 28 new psychic powers that have been spotted for the Space Marines!

Okay so we know there is 28 new Psychic Powers that make up the four new disciplines: Fulmination, Geokinesis, Librarius & Technomancy!

Someone looks to have gotten the new cards and or the Angels of Death book itself. Grab you salt shakers and come see what may be coming out way soon!


Source: Dariokan on B&C

New Psychic Powers

librarius conclave

Primaris is a witchfire

1 – WC2, reroll armor save (psyker and his unit)

2 – WC1 beam, 20″

3 – WC1 blessing, targets the psyker. Gives fearless, AW. Give a 4+ invulnerable bubble of 12″…….. against witchfire power only.

4 – WC1 targets the psyker. +2 S, T, I and A.

5 – WC1 roll 2D6+ level against enemy psyker 1D6+level. On a draw or better, enemy lose 1W (no save), if you rolled way more than him he loses a power.

6 – WC2 1 enemy unit, 24″. -2 to invul saves (min 6+). This is the new nullzone.

Primaris is a malediction, enemy vehicule at 18″. Basically takes control of one of the vehicule weapon for that turn. (roll 1D6 against your opponent)

1- WC1 friendly vehicule at 24″. ignore crew shaken, stunned and gives POTMS, or +1 BS if the vehicule already has it.

2- WC1 focused WF at 18″. D3 S1 AP- hits withhaywire

3- WC1 blessing at 24″. Gives back 1HP, or repairs immobilisation or weapon. Gives IWND.

4- WC2 blessing at 24″, vehicule unit. +1 AV to all sides OR non vehicule unit +1T.

5 – WC1 beam 18″ haywaire, S1.

6 – WC2 focused WF, 18″. Target loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflicts D6 S4AP6 rending hits to a nearby enemy unit. Nice !


Primaris: WC1 WF, S5AP5 Assault SIX

-1 WC1 blessing for the psyker. 3++ save.

-2 WC1 nova, 9″, S1 haywire
-3 WC2 WF, S5AP4 assault D6. Jumps to enemy units at 6″ of the promary target on a 4+. Same effect.

-4 WC1 blessing. Psyker only, +1S and A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hits), enemy units suffer 2 additional S5AP- hits.

-5 WC2 blessing, 18″. Move target unit by 18″.

-6 WC2 blessing, 24″. Swap target unit with the psyker’s unit. Can work on allies and enemies alike.

Primaris: WC2 Forces a dangerous terrain test without armor save, single unit. Basically it is a wound on a roll of 1? Invuls are allowed

1 WC1 blessing, 18″ gives back D3 wounds + ITWND for the remaining of the turn

2 WC1 malediction, 24″. Choose a point, it deals a single S5AP4 hit to each unit within 6″. This 6″ area is dangerous terrain. Crap.

3 WC1 malediction, ALL ENEMIES WITHIN 18″. They are considered to be in dangerous terrain, and cannot run, boost or flat out. Nice.

4 WC1 blessing, 24″. Single unit. Give MTC and Ignore cover to all weapons. Unit is also able to shoot on a unit WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT, only the range matters. Wow, great!

5 WC1 WC, 24″. Target building or ruin. Building gets a glancing or penetrating hit, ruins: units in it get D6 S6AP- hits;

6 WC3 24″. Move a piece of terrain by 24″, including models in it. (force a dangerous terrain test).

Looks like Geokinesis is the early favorite for the discipline that gets used the most. So how will you use these new powers in your Space Marine army?

New Space Marine Roundup

~Who’s the best psykers now?

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