Quick & Easy: Urban Wasteland Bases TUTORIAL

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Checkout how to make great looking Urban Wasteland bases for your army, quick and easy!

Hey guys, Collen again. Thought I would give a quick tutorial on how I did my urban wasteland bases for my Fallout themed army. I recommend removing the model from the base for this basing process.

First I started with Citadel Texture paint Astrogranite.



After it dries I add some Citadel Technical paint Agrellan Earth. This is a bit tricky as you need to find the right amount to add as it crackles when it dries. To much and it flakes off, to little and you don’t get any cracks. Games Workshop put out a nice tutorial you can find here on how to apply it.



Let it dry for about an hour or so and you will have something looking like this.



Go ahead and add a wash of Agrax Earthshade. This will fill in the cracks and give it a little more definition.



To finish it up I dry brush some Karak Stone over it to give some highlighting to the cracks and a sandy look to the concrete.



Here are some shots of the finished bases with the models.



And it also works well with cork bases too.

Copy of sgt



There you go, quick and easy urban wasteland bases.

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