Robots Meet The Tabletop – First Motorized Titan Kit

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Boy oh boy, this monster, ladies and gentlemen, is the next level in models. Come see the first walking titan kit for the tabletop!

The T1 training Colossus was unveiled by Machination Studio this past summer and it’s a doozy for a kit. Quite frankly I don’t understand how I haven’t seen it until today.


Standing over 20” this beast was made, wait for it, using a 3D printer. I’m not terribly fond of the Mr. Robtnik egg shape (pretty sure Sonic is ready to turbo spin this thing to bits off screen) but I’m loving virtually everything else and would make a great base for an Ork conversion.


The guns recoil, the search lights move left to right, the turrent gun on top roates, the door opens up to reveal a monster gun inside and last but not least the crawler actually crawls!


More importantly, for us hobbiest’s this kit was designed to be assembled and dissablmbled using nothing more than a traditional screwdriver.


“The entire product is designed to be able to be taken down to its component parts with a small Philips head screwdriver. No torx, no special tools needed, with minimal prying and barely any glue. It uses a total of 3 sizes of screws. I pride myself for having designed it this way. Every single servo, motor, sensor and LED can be removed without soldering, I can send you replacements and you can plug the replacements straight back in. This includes the microcontroller boards as well, should they fail. These microcontrollers are popular international brands that are available world wide.”


I know, I know, shut up and take my money right? Well, according to the FAQ:

“Orders for Codename Colossus is temporarily suspended for now. I am currently working on new designs and exploring new manufacturing methods and materials to bring Codename Colossus to a wider audience. If you are interested, drop me an email and we can discuss the specifics. Click on the Contact Us link above to get in touch.”

So, while the Colossus might be sidelined for the time being, I’m really hoping and crossing my fingers he’ll make a WW1-esk Land Raider assault tank that my terminators can spill out of. Just saying.

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