The Eagle Has Landed – New 40k Cosplay & Webcomic


Eagle Ordinary takes the short mundane lives of Imperial Guardsmen to new comedic levels in a new online web comic!

The team of Sarah Kaiser, illustrator, maker, and UI designer; and Richard McKey, writer and hype guy are transforming their games into stories in Eagle Ordinary.


“I started played in a game of Only War with friends and we had such epic, amazing, gaming moments that I thought it would be great to share these stories,” Kaiser said. “So I decided I’d draw a comic about this and there went my free time.”

Initially, according to Kaiser, the stories weren’t very good but Richard McKey, who used to just read the comics, added his writing expertise and it made the comic much better.

“I love mixing comedy and the grim dark together, McKey said. “The squad is pinned down and shit is blowing up all around them and then a goofy joke just takes over the strip.”


McKey said he loves the balance of of humor and grim dark; the fact that it’s so serious makes it ripe for comics. “I really enjoy writing for Commissar Holt is my favorite.”

“I think they’re (the two Commisar’s) in love. “Kaiser added jokingly, “That’s strictly not cannon.”

The team is starting chapter two and is going to be introducing a new character. The squad is going behind enemy lines for an operation.

“That’s when My Little Pony is going to drop in and,” McKey said seriously before breaking down and laughing. “No, that’s not our style.”


As for the art, Kasier said she enjoys rendering parts of the game that she really loved. “I had parts of a scene that just sat in my mind,” Kaiser said of her strip. “When people who see the comic and can relate with it it’s just so amazing.”

If you’re wondering if these two play 40k, well, the answer is yes. Kaiser plays Tau and Imeprial Guard, and McKey plays Space wolves.


You can check out this great comic at at least until Games Workshop sends a cease and desist “Then I can I get my life back” Kaiser said.


Eagle Ordinary Webcomic

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