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By Rob Baer | May 19th, 2016 | Categories: Picture of the Day, primarchs, Warhammer 40k

VinDiesel Horus primarch

Who would YOU cast to play the primachs in a 40k movie? Vin Diesel as Horus, The Rock as Angron, what about Brad Pitt? Checkout these casting calls!

I stumbled onto a big fan thread on B&C the other day that was just a casting call for who everyone thought should play “X” primarch. Some seem right on the money and some I scratched my head about:

Brad Pitt Lion primarch

Brad Pitt as the Lion?

Viggo Mortensen Sanguinius primarch

Viggo Mortensen as Sanguinius?

Dwayne Johnson Angron primarch

Dwayne Johnson Angron (a’la DOOM)

Sadly there’s a few we’ll never get to see regardless with the recent departure of stars Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman, and Robin Williams.

Terry Crews Vulkan primarch

Here’s my favorite lineup from the thread, with Terry Crews in for Vulkan 100%:

  • The Emperor- Ray Winstone
  • Horus- Patrick Stewart
  • Sanguinius- Val Kilmer
  • Leman Russ- Gerard Butler
  • Rogal Dorn- Ed Harris
  • Lion El’ Jonson- Brad Pitt
  • Guilliman- Tom Jane
  • Khan- Chow Yun Fat
  • Angron- The Rock
  • Night Haunter- Chistopher Walken
  • Mortarion- Ron Perlman
  • Magnus- Hugo Weaving
  • Peturabo- Arnold Schwartzenegger
  • Fulgrim- Tilda Swinton
  • Corax- Alan Rickman
  • Alpharius- Ralph Fiennes
  • Ferrus Manus- Michael Chiklis
  • Lorgar- Christian Bale

I think we can all agree some actors such as Ron Perlman, Hugo Weaving, etc would be perfect to play one if not several of the Primachs.

What would YOUR primarch casting call lineup be, fill in the blank below:

  • The Emperor
  • Horus
  • Sanguinius
  • Leman Russ
  • Rogal Dorn
  • Lion El’ Jonson
  • Guilliman
  • Khan
  • Angron
  • Night Haunter
  • Mortarion
  • Magnus
  • Peturabo
  • Fulgrim
  • Corax
  • Alpharius
  • Ferrus Manus
  • Lorgar
  • Vulkan

We are all Alpharius…


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