BREAKING – New Silver Tower Pictures

By Rob Baer | May 8th, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors

Silver-Tower-spread (1)

Get in here and see all the gorgeous new miniatures that will be arriving in the new Silver Tower Box set from GW.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower-title

Source: Gianluca Klavier on Facebook

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Looking good miniatures there! Anonymous sources have told Spikey Bits the following:

“one of the models in the new box set is a witch-elf, another is Daemon Prince-esque guy, and cultist type models but much larger”

What We KNOW about the new box set:

Heroes sighted:

  • Stormcast Eternal
  • Human Barbarian
  • Priest of Sigmar
  • Dwarf Warrior

Well this looks like something straight outta Pan’s Labyrinth, count me in! Checkout all the details below:

Silver Tower Roundup


~All that glitters IS silver!

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