COSPLAY – Is Your Purity Guaranteed, Space Marine?

chaplain cosplay 40k

Come see the hottest looking Chaplain cosplay this side of the Rock in today’s special 40k cosplay feature!

We just spotted this sweet Chaplain cosplay with Mechanicum serf over on Facebook from Paradox Riders!

chaplain cosplay 13123058_823707941094520_3400867162912722482_o 13139342_823707994427848_3603013685324011603_n 13139049_823708004427847_8994316398132026302_n 13151555_823708031094511_1605631861412371698_n 13179303_823708061094508_5310085326673804741_n 13139251_823708064427841_4077777091011436483_n 13124690_823708131094501_5099103698213481693_n

Wow how dope is that? Checkout the rest of the great looking creations over on their Facebook:

Paradox Riders

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