New 40k Ork Rules Revealed For Battle Of Vedros

By Rob Baer | May 13th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

ork shokk cannon

Games Workshop is coming in hot with the new 40k Battle For Vedros, with what looks to be a whole new set of rules for the starter game! Come see them.

Source: Games Workshop

Vrrrrm, Vrrrrm, VRRRRMMMM!
If you want to add some fire support to your Ork force, you won’t go wrong with a Wartrakk. Fast and deadly, this durable vehicle makes a great additions to your Battle for Vedros games.

You’ll find Battle For Vedros in toy stores across the US and Canada this summer.


The link on the post goes to the new Battle For Vedros page where at the bottom new players have two options depending on what country they’re in:


The get started button goes to *you guessed it* the Start Collecting box sets page on GW’s site:


Boom what a neat way to expand the hobby into previously unheard of market streams, and land them back to their site (or stores) via social media.

It’s worth noting too that this product only seems available in North America, so I am wondering if this is a start of corporate policy to treating this region different from say England or Europe. A lot of industry insiders have bemoaned this fact for years, so this is definitely a neat thing to see developing.

And we all thought they didn’t know what they were doing…

GW’s Marketing – Do They Secretly Know What They’re Doing?

It’s only crazy if it doesn’t sell.

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