NEW BASES – Are These The Best Deal From GW Lately?

By Rob Baer | May 24th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

new games workshop 40k bases

It’s raining bases folks, come see the full lineup of FIVE new Sector Imperialis base kits for Games Wokshop’s hobby line!

You heard it here first, it looks like GW is getting into the base game, with a fantastic first offering. Checkout the latest  new Sector Imperialis Bases!

These are such a good value at around .50 a base, it’s way cheaper than anything the resin guys are doing, however they only come in one Grim Dark flavor:

Source: Scanner

  • Large Basing Kit (contains bits make Dreadknight & Knight bases) $33
  • 32MM Basing Kit x60 $33
  • Oval Basing Kit 60mm 75mm, and 90mm $33
  • Round Basing Kit 25mm, and 40mm Bases $33

new games workshop 40k bases

New Ovals and Rounds!


Large Basing Kit (for Knights and Dreadknights, etc.)
Copy of 13282300_10153698394083546_228480438_n

25mm and 40mm details!

Like we said before, this is such a great idea for the hobby, and our wallets. Now it’s so easy (or re-base) your armies on the cheap!

Looks like all that is missing now is a 50mm sized base! I am sure all the Centruion and Khorne Flesh Hound players are keeping their fingers crossed on that one!

Checkout all the new pictures on the new Citadel Bases below:

GW’s “All Your Bases” Roundup

Now all Gw’s Bases are belong to us!

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