NEW BITS- You Want Plastic Sisters of Battle?

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grishnak sisters of battle plastic

If you wanted plastic Sisters of Battle, well this is how you get plastic Sisters of Battle! Checkout the shining faces on these amazing models!

Grishnak miniatures has launched a line of “War Maidens” that I’m sure we can all agree on what they are supposed to be. It looks however like the material is almost of a Finecast like quality, and perhaps not plastic altogether?

Buckle up Grim Dark Fans, hide your wallets and scroll down!

grishnak sisters of battle plastic

Squad up!

grishnak sisters of battle plastic

Extreme close up!

plastic sister scale

Scale is good!

grishnak sisters of battle plastic

Out of box experience!

grishnak sisters of battle plastic

Resin? Finecast? Plastic???

Like the Eye of Terror, everything is different in Russia, so buyer beware on this one folks as the method to purchase and delivery may be a bumpy grim dark ride.

But if you want Plastic Sisters of Battler, well.. this may be how you get Plastic Sisters of Battle.

War Maidens


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