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It’s a whole new world for Warhammer 40k your highness. Come see what happens when these princesses get a Space Marine grim dark make-over!

Australian artist Emre C Deniz took these Disney princess on a magic carpet ride though the grim dark when he paired them with a specific chapter of Space Marines, and their armor!

He said his #femalespacemarine project was meant to

““to support people being harassed on social media [by] aggressive members of the Warhammer 40K community who felt that their ‘lore’ was threatened.”

Bronies anyone?

Then he continued:

“The images were a symbol of merging the two most extremes of gender representation, Disney and Warhammer, into one single statement; that anyone can be a ‘Space Marine’ and no one can stop that.”


Raven Guard Jasmine – Don’t You Dare Close Your Eyes!


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most righteous of them all? Grey Knight Snow White


Lady in Red, Ariel The little Murderer

disney princess space marines

There are no Gastons on Fenris

Overall I think he nailed this mashup for sure. Question is when we see the rest of the Princesses in the Grim Dark?

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