The Empress of Mankind – 40k Cosplay

Giulietta Zawadzki empress emperor of mankind cosplay 4

Behold the Empress of Mankind. Come see the FANTASTIC cosplay from over the weekend at London’s MCM!

The wonderfully talented Giulietta Zawadzki rocked this Emperor Cosplay, and I am sure these pictures do it only a fraction of justice.

Via Giulietta Zawadzki (Facebook)

As many will know I was working on this till the day before the comic con so there is much to be added and adjusted before I can officially declare this cosplay complete.

The cape and the shoulders were so heavy that they pulled the chest piece down which I can sort out and I did actually make a halo but it was rushed so I decided if I’m going to do it, I’m gonna do it right 😉

It was also so hot in the con I could only really spend about 30mins suited up at a time before I was on the verge of passing out 😅.

Any cosplayer will know that you can only truly perfect a cosplay after spending a few days wearing it haha

Thank you for all of you who support my work. I can’t wait to start on my next project ;D

Giulietta Zawadzki empress emperor of mankind cosplay 4 Giulietta Zawadzki empress emperor of mankind cosplay 4 Giulietta Zawadzki empress emperor of mankind cosplay 4

‘The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time.’ -The Primarch Lorgar

Wow I can only imagine the amount of work that went into that one. Great Job Giulietta, we wish you luck on your next cosplay – fingers crossed it’s 40k!

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