How to Make Miniatures Pop – Yellow Painting Hacks


Yo Dawg, Kenny Boucher here on the literal best of all days. Today, we’re taking Yellow, to the NEXT level.

I’m excited to bring you some ancient techniques to help you get the most out of yellow.

First I’m going to show you the arm I already did so you can see what we’re looking for.


Step 1. Game Color Orange Fire and Vallejo Cavalry Brown. You’ve seen me use washes a lot in the past, but ths model is too big, too flat, and too beautiful. We did way too many steps to just wash over it. We’re going to respect the work we did in getting these amazing yellow transitions in the previous videos by using a detail brush and adding in the paint right where we want it. This is a l


Step 2. Game Color Moon Yellow and game Color Dead White. Now we’re going to take this to the next level with this white edge high light. We’re going to go over 99% of the edges with this. This is going to make the yellow transitions we did pop. We’re going to high light all the area’s light and dark.


Zen-Level Technique: If you think it can be darker make it darker. IF you think it can be lighter make it lighter. Go over all the recesses and edges not just the ceremonial tips.


Step 3. Vallejo German Grey and Color Dead White. With this we go over the black area’s to give it a carbon effect. I’m not going to lie, I’m not very good at the non-metallic metal technique, this is the best that I can do and even this is challenging becaue you need to be precise. No lies, this TAG took 50 hours to get him to the finished pictures. That’s the hobby love right there.


The next level process doesn’t mean you need to do it all in one sitting; we spread it out over the videos and you can spread it out over weeks, months, or years if need be.

Pro-Tip: you don’t even have to do this all at once either; you can do it bit by bit over time in between your weekly game nights the work we did in the other videos brought this to the tabletop tournament level; now we’re taking it to the next level slowly over time if need be. This takes hours, you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.

Step 4: Vallejo Warlock purple on accents. We’re going to put it in some of these vent area’s to make it it pop.


Step 5: Squid pink. Now we make it pop with a bit of squid pink in the dead center of the purple to make it pop.


Step 6: I’m using GW Typhus Corrosion on these beautiful tron like bases because it’s like a rose in the middle of the battle field. If you


Step 7: Ryza rust, we’re going extreme, I love this paint, I go hard then I switch to a smaller brush and a bit of water to get it to get in the cracks and crevices. The theme is garish colors. We’re trying to make this look like it came out of a comic book. My boy Bryan and I collaborated big time on the color theory to knock this out.

060716-FInalYellow-V2-229 060716-FInalYellow-V2-230

Step 8: Reaper New Gold. Now we’re going to highlight the hilt.

060716-FInalYellow-V2-221 060716-FInalYellow-V2-231

This is some of my best work, and I think anyone can do this. Check out and watch the videos we did to slowly build-up to this next level.


How to Make Miniatures Pop – Painting Hacks

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