NEW BITS – Anvil Industry “Scions” Medium Infantry

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Anvil Industry has a new set of awesome minis that would look great on the tabletop. If you area Warhammer 40,000 fan don’t miss these guys!

Via Anvil Industry

Regiments Full Squad – Medium Infantry $38.49

pasgt-squad-a-800x800 (1)

A complete squad of Ten MediumInfantry.

The basic Uniform contains –

  • Armoured Arms
  • Armoured Legs
  • Medium Torso
  • PASGT/Gasmask Helmets

Note that we will automatically include one of each of the available leg and arm pose sprues, to give you the maximum number of poses.

Certain Weapons are marked as (Recommended), these are the new style products which work best with the Regiments arms and weapon accessories, the older products work fine, but need slightly more modelling work. Further new weapons – an SMG and Auto-Shotgun, will be made available in late June as part of Wave two.

These guys would be a great addition to an Astra Militarum army or a Tempestus Scions army. How would you use these Medium Infantry?

Hoorah get some!


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