NEW STAR WARS: X-Wing Wave 9 Coming in Hot!

By Barclay Montgomery | June 2nd, 2016 | Categories: Star Wars, X-Wing 2.0


What a surprise! Wave 9 has just received preview status, and this wave is sure to shake the game up. Super jousters, auxiliary firing arcs, and more!

The only ship for the Rebels in Wave 9 is the ARC-170. This ship is beefy and likes to go slow.

This ship has a 2 attack primary, 1 agility, 6 hull, and 3 shields. It has 1 ordnance slot, so this is not really designed to be a bomber or munitions ship, but it has an auxiliary arc out of its rear, and with the crew addition of a Tail Gunner, this ship likes to pew pew. The title for this ship actually rewards you for firing at a ship from your auxiliary arc, giving you additional dice out of the rear or a focus to crit out of the front.


The Imperial addition to this Wave is the TIE Special Forces Fighter. This highly anticipated ship blasts onto the scene with an awesome new auxiliary arc.


This new TIE has the standard 2 attack primary and only 2 agility but it makes up for it with heavier hull and shields, boasting 3 hull and 3 shields. This beefed up TIE has a special auxiliary arc and a new title that allows you to potentially fire at 2 separate targets! Engage in the Ackbar Slash with a TIE? Simply stunning!



The next ship is for the deadly Scum faction. This ship is the purest form of a jouster out there!


This ship here is the Protectorate Fighter or “Fang Fighter”. It has an impressive primary attack of 3, an agility of 3, and has 4 hull with no shields. This ship relies on its evasion dice to help it escape harm, and its aggressive nature encourages you to stay in Range 1. This unique pilot rewards you with an additional dice to attack with at Range 1! A five dice attack is extremely hard hitting!



Finishing up the ships for Wave 9 is another large base ship for the Scum faction. The Shadow Caster has auxiliary arcs as well as a totally new feature for the game!


The Pursuit Craft features a primary attack of 3, agility of 2, and a healthy 7 hull with 3 shields. The new feature of this ship is that it has a movile firing arc. A token is placed on its base, and as an action you can rotate your firing arc to any of the four sides of its base. Newer lose sight of your enemies again with the new mobile firing arc! Sabine Wren breaks into the Scum scene as a new pilot for the Shadow Caster. Her ability helps to mitigate damage from an enemy ship inside her mobile firing arc.


That’s it for Wave 9’s preview! What new combinations and awesome ship abilities will we see next as this new wave warps the metagame further. Tune in next time for more on Wave 9 and X-Wing tips and tactics!

Damn the torpedoes, I Can’t wait to test these new babies out!

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