Save Hobby Dollars – Starting Warhammer On the Cheap!

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If you want to play Warhammer but your wallet is on lockdown, you have to see this article. Checkout how to hobby on a budget, and get more!

Dabbling in Warhammer Fantasy as a kid the system always intrigued me, and made me want to get into the hobby when work and budget allowed. Washing dishes at the local diner is not going to cover those tiny pieces of plastic. So 15 years later I notice Age of Sigmar has just come out (and I do enjoy a basic beer and pretzels game.

I found a fantastic deal of 47 miniatures in the starter box for $80 on ebay. I take the plunge and purchase the game and it arrives in the mail, now what? A side note if you want a different army (or Warhammer 40K) from the starter box, the start collecting boxes are great deals as well. ($60 – $70 on ebay)

Save extra money of MSRP!

With a bit internet searching I was able to figure out the first thing to do is simple, wash the plastic with soap and water. Followed but simply cutting and gluing them together. Games Workshop (GW for short) will say you need special glue and GW cutters, but don’t be fooled.

This plus soap and water is all you need to put together your new models.

All you need is a box cutter (but skip the rusty blade unless you are up to date on your tetanus vaccine) a metal nail file and some good old fashion super glue. I am still using a bottle I found in a side walk sale on clearance for 75 cents.

So about 3 bucks for all that (I have health insurance and thus the vaccine if you need new blades might be 5 bucks total)




After some hard work you will have the miniatures cut out, the rough spots filed down, and a couple of bandages after “ungluing” you fingers. Painting is next, which is where GW can get you.

The secret is to managing expectations by understanding that most of the examples you see online and in books are done by professionals. Are you a professional? Probably not or you wouldn’t be reading this, but that does not mean you can’t paint some awesome miniatures. You’re also on a budget so you need to know where you can cut corners.

GW would love for you to think if you do not prime your models with their primer at 17 a can your model is going to look awful.

This is false, go to your nearest hardware store and buy a can of spray-on black primer. Krylon Color master primer is my go to. Just make sure it bonds to plastic surfaces and follow the directions and you just saved yourself 10 bucks.

So that’s it for this one folks. What other cheap and easy money saving hobby advice do you have for the community?


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