Sisters Returning? Adepta Sororitas LATEST!

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The Sisters of Battle or Adepta Sororitas look to have been on a photo shoot lately at the GW Studio, could they be re-appearing in a supplement soon?

This picture was spotted recently at the studio that shows some of the collection of Adepta Sororitas were take out for pictures.  In the past we’ve seen happenings like this herald in an appearance in a new supplement either just for background fluff or for a full rules releases.

sisters of battle new upcoming releases (2)

Last year intrepid hobbyists noticed a bunch of Warhammer Fantasy models went missing only to re-appear later with round bases after Age of Sigmar dropped.

Kauyon campaign book


Tau also got a photo shoot which led to their appearance in their Kauyon and Montk’a supplements last fall.

The Sisters themselves actually disappear for a photo shoot way back  in 2014 for their fluffy inclusion in that fall’s Shield of Baal Campaign supplement series.

So what do  you think it will be this time, fluff, rules or maybe something for the new Monthly White Dwarf. Either way I’m sure the studio staff didn’t put them on shoot for prosperity’s sake right?

sisters of battle new upcoming releases

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