RUMORS – The Next Betrayal At Calth Box Set Is:

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There are some rumors going around the web, that will undoubtedly ruffle a few more rumor mongers into loosening their lips. Come see the latest on what may just be the next Betrayal at calth box set!

BoLS is reporting the following:

  • The new boxed game is coming later this year.
  • The game’s setting and theme is the Battle for Prospero.
  • Look for plastic contents on par with Betrayal at Calth
  • Combatants are described as Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves  and “others”


And remember this little tidbid from Sad Panda

There is no Betrayal at Calth expansion (not counting White Dwarf material and possibly something digital).

There is a separate HH-based game, but it was written before Calth hit the shelves. It is no more an expansion to Calth than Overkill is an expansion to Execution Force. It simply shares the same setting/time period.

We also know that Book VII of the Heresy will be out either late summer or early fall and will feature: The Razing of Prospero as well. Plus with the Russ saga wrapping up from Black Library this may just be the fist multi brand similu release for Games Workshop.

INFERNO SPOTTED: Prospero Will Burn!

It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work!

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