BREAKING – New Chaos 30k Heresy Sorcerer Spotted?

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This is happening folks! It looks like Chaos is indeed returning with what appears to at least be a Chaos Sorcerer in plastic!

You saw it here first, this is happening! All the rumors were for Daemon primarchs, and now it looks like were getting a Chaos Sorcerer, perhaps Ahriman?

Okay so up front I want to say this appears to be a plastic sorcerer at the very least, however from the size and look of the helm it does NOT appear to be Magnus the Daemon Primarch.

So no plastic primarch models… yet, but new Chaos Models are always a good sign!

Source: (Updated)  eBay listing and Spikey Bits Hobbies (Facebook Group).


30k Heresy : leaked Ahzek Ahriman

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According to the seller he received this miniature in his Death Masque box from last week in place of one of the character models with no instructions, or rules. If you remember this is the exact same thing that happened to last year’s fall Tau release with the sighting of a mysterious new Dwarf model that was copyrighted 2016 (spotted in 2015).

Join the discussion and checkout the rest of the pictures over on our Facebook Group where this picture was posted this morning:

New Chaos Model Roundup


Where there are Thousand Sons, the Wolves are sure to be not far behind… Stay tuned for more on this amazing story!

Previous Chaos Rumors:

So we had been hearing from several new industry insiders over the past few weeks  that big things may be on the way for Chaos.  Here’s what they have been saying on new Chaos, straight outta the recent GW managers meeting.


And of course remember at the end of the day these are just rumors… “100% Grade A” Rumors…

Apparently a white dwarf is about to give us all our dreams

Cult troops alongside kharn

New psychic powers, Formations etc

It’s a part of the next campaign for the stores which is themed Black Crusade (yep.. Apparently another one)

Grab your salt pills because following that up is even more rumors on Chaos as well today from Faeit…

Source: Faeit

Primarchs and Demon Primarchs are coming to 40K. 

They won’t be the same as they are in 30K. They’re going to be slightly different to account for the 10k year gap. 

We will be seeing The Lion, Russ, Guilliman, Khan, Mortarion, Angron, Perturabo and Magnus. 

It will be once all of the ‘end times’ build up has finished (all of the latest campaigns) and we enter the new age (8th edition). 

GW wants to cash in on FW success with the HH series as well as the fact that we’re returning to a ‘Golden Era’ style GW with the new CEO and Merchandising and Marketing Director – Meaning they are actively listening to us, the customers and are proactively doing what we want now. 
(Just look at the new Monthly WD with battle reports and painting guides, the new Get Started sets, the new clip n play introductory kids sets, the FAQ/Errata they’re doing, the Points Systems for AoS, the social media interaction with the Facebook groups and new Warhammer TV talk show etc!!) 

GW has been paying attention to the success of the HH/30K and to us wanting storyline advancement and more excitement (whilst not wanting a full AoS style reboot) and 8th edition is going to be that. (The latest campaigns, Baal, Curse of the Wulfen, Death Masque etc are all part of that lead up). 

Apparently there is going to be a huge global campaign based around the next Black Crusade and a huge push by Chaos – As well as Nids doing their thing, the Orks going on a Rampage, The Tau pushing out, The Eldar getting themselves involved, The Necrons rising up and The Imperium battling on all fronts. (Business as usual but things are much more desperate!). 

There will be storyline advancement on a scale we’ve not seen before!! 

Apparently, the next Campaign will feature the Ordo Hereticus and Chaos and after that, we will be seeing the final stages of the lead up – with lots of new a chaos goodies including those Greater Demons, Rubric Marines, Plague Marines and everything else chaos related that’s coming! 

Two somewhat conflicting sets of rumors today, but either way we know GW is making major moves this summer and it’s entirely possible they will keep the change going into the new year as well.

Checkout the rest of the Primarch rumors and more from earlier this summer below.

Magnus lore

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