NEW BITS – Maxmini ORKY Scrap Tank

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Clank clank clank, here comes the tank! Maxmini has a new Scrap Tank rolling out for you miniature fans out there. Even though its made of scrap, it still packs a punch!

Via Maxmini

Scrap Tank $49.20


This set contains one large Scrap Tank model. Designed for 28mm “heroic” miniatures (should work with bulkier models). Requires assembly. Supplied unpainted.
List of parts:
– hull with tracks system
– turret
– rear plate with exhaust
– barrel
– 2 front tracks
– minigun
Size – approximately 11,5cm x 7,5cm (width) x 8,5cm (height).

This Scrap Tank would make an excellently Orky Looted Tank! Just point them towards the enemy and hopefully the will hit them. You know how Ork accuracy goes.

This tank makes the loudest BOOM!

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