Star Wars X-Wing: Wave 9 ARC & Tie SF Unboxed!

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Star Wars X-Wing fans rejoice! We have an awesome Unboxing video here showcasing the Rebel and Imperial ships for the new Wave 9! Take a look at these new hot upgrades!


The Rebel Alliance recovered, repaired, and retrofitted a handful of ARC-170 starfighters during the Galactic Civil War. Though somewhat antiquated, the ship was still a force to be reckoned with, featuring powerful cannons, heavy shielding, and a tail gunner.



Only the First Order’s most elite pilots were authorized to fly this specialized two-seater TIE craft. Outfitted with enhanced shields, weapons, and sensor systems, each Special Forces TIE fighter had a dual heavy laser turret mounted to the bottom of its fuselage. In conjunction with a warhead launcher, this turret made the fighter’s weapons far more threatening than the standard TIE/fo fighter’s and granted the ship an extra measure of defense against threats to its rear.

Star Wars X-Wing: Wave 9 ARC & Tie SF Unboxed!

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