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Impaled through the chest  and believed to be killed in action while fighting on Isstvan III, Kharn was resurrected and became more powerful than ever!

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During the Crusade, Khârn served as Angron’s equerry, often acting as a voice of reason that cooled his primarch’s bloody rages (a surprising contrast with the person Khârn was destined to become). Like the other World Eaters, he underwent extensive surgery, increasing his aggression such that he now finds joy only in killing the enemy. His love of killing is so great that he has actually had a kill counter installed in the lens of his helmet. This kill counter was made from arcane technology and was a gift from the Warmaster Horus himself.

Preheresy kharn

Shortly before the Battle of Isstvan III, Khârn had gained a reputation as a brilliant, but unstable warrior. Encountering him aboard the Vengeful Spirit, Nathaniel Garro reflected that some of the rumors surrounding the World Eater involved atrocities that even the most battle-hardened Death Guards found hard to stomach. Through his dueling matches and joint campaigning with other Astartes, Kharn established friendships with Argel Tal, Garviel Loken, Sigismund, and Nassir Amit.


During the infighting on Isstvan III, Khârn was believed killed in action while fighting Garviel Loken of the Luna Wolves, a loyalist determined to stop Horus. Khârn engaged in close combat with Loken, only to be thrown against the dozer blades of a nearby vehicle, impaling his chest. It was believed that the blow was fatal, but this proved false.

Khârn, and a squadron of World Eaters, were later dispatched to Prospero to retrieve the Moon Wolf, a sigil gifted to Magnus The Red by Horus, to prevent any other Psykers from using it to contact him, as Magnus had done in his attempt to prevent the Heresy. As an aside, Kharn also had a personal objective of locating ‘mind-healing’ devices of the Thousand Sons. While there he interrogated Captain Menes Kalliston of the Thousand Sons, captured after a brief battle with the World Eaters. Captain Kalliston admitted that the devices Kharn was searching for had all been destroyed but offered to use his Athanean Psyker powers to salve the guilt and pain of Kharn’s mind. Decrying himself as beyond saving, Kharn rebuked Kalliston’s offer and, after a brief struggle, beat the Thousand Sons Captain to death.


Kharn later takes part in the Shadow Crusade, forming a friendship with Word Bearer Captain Argel Tal. Tal even proved able to calm Kharn, which led to Erebus becoming worried that his destiny as the Betrayer would be foiled. After Erebus arranged the death of Tal, an enraged Kharn nearly slew the Word Bearer Chaplain.

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