Finally Posable Knight Titan Legs Are Here!

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Getting that dynamic pose just right with your Knight Titan is finally possible with these Warstrider Pattern Posable Legs from Soul Dark!

At times the stock kits give too much of a static pose to your models. Soul Dark has made it easy to give your Knight Titan the exact pose you are looking for!

Source: Soul Dark

Warstrider Pattern Posable Legs: $60.00

Knight titan posable legs

Knight titan posable legs

This is one set of Warstrider pattern posable legs for Knight Titan. As you may see legs have 3 points of freedom and you can pose them as you want. Top torso part includes place for magnet.

Knight titan posable legs

Knight titan posable legs

Lot is resin cast, require assembly and some modeling work.

Head over to Soul Dark and pick up a set of these posable legs for your knight titan and give it a dynamic pose not possible with the original kit!

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