New King of the Skies? FW Tau Barracuda Unboxing

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Today we are going to take a loot the Tau Barracuda from our favorite resin mini company, Forge World. Checkout all the details on this groundbreaking new kit below!

This new Tau flyer is very detailed and seems to be extremely well cast as there are no bubbles or misaligned parts visible, but lets take a closer look!


The Tau Barracuda includes a color coded instruction manual like we are quickly growing to expect from any Games Workshop product.


We can see many spots for inserting magnets to make interchangeable weapon options.

tau barracuda

We love to see new rules, especially rules that are included in the models kits we buy, and the Tau Barracuda doesn’t disappoint in this department. The rules look pretty solid and are also available for download on the product page currently.

Check out this video to get a full look at the unboxing as well as a quick rule overview on the new Tau Barracuda.


New Forge World Tau Barracuda

To combat the ever-increasing diversity of enemies faced by the expanding Tau Empire, the AX-5-2 Barracuda was developed as a multi-role fighter by the Earth Caste of the Vash’ya Sept. This new pattern maintained the unmatched agility and maneuverability of its forebears, but benefited from an improved power grid and enhanced combat avionics systems, as well as a variable weapons fit so that it could be rearmed swiftly between missions.

The Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 is an advanced fighter suitable for both aerial combat and ground attack missions. It can be armed with a Heavy Burst Cannon, Barracuda Ion Cannon or Swiftstrike Railgun. It carries twin missile pods, multiple seeker missiles, a pair of Gun Drones mounted with either Long-barrelled Cyclic Ion Blasters or Long-barrelled Burst Cannon and a Decoy Drone. All of these options are included for you to choose from when sending your Barracuda into battle. The kit features multiple fitting points for magnets which you may choose to use to allow you to easily swap weapons systems, and also optional raised or lowered landing gear. The detailed construction guide includes guidance on suitable magnet sizes you may wish to use.

This is a complete, multi-part resin model which includes a large oval flying base.

Tau Barracuda04

Impressive… Racks?

Tau Barracuda

Tau Barracuda 07

Hobby Help for magnets!

Tau Barracuda 08

Point Towards Enemy

And the Rules!

New Forge World Tau Barracuda pdf rules download

This new fighter is no slouch in the air, that’s for sure – Watch out for the Tau now!

New Forge World Releases

Ohhhhhhhhhh…. Barracuda!

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