Starting WarmaHordes – Newbie Week 2


Travis is back from another week of delving deep into the world of WarmaHordes and spills the beans on his experiences starting back from square one!

Week 2 arrived and unfortunately I was unable to schedule a game with the people in the journeyman group. It makes me a little scared that my plan to not play on Saturdays will blow up in my face, but I did get a game in with a buddy just to brush up on rules and whatnot.

It went about as well as expected. Trying to manage 4 Light Warbeasts with a Warlock with 6 fury is not going to go well. Frenzy happened a lot, and I ended up getting my caster killed pretty quickly. I did learn a lot, though!

Start Playing WarmaHordes: Newbie Player Week 1


For example: A Trollblood Thrower uses strength to boost his spear chucking. I can cast Pulverize on the Impaler to boost his strength by 2, thus giving his spear a POW of 15. This could help soften up some targets as they approach me. Also my new Slag Troll should only be used against Warmachine constructs because it has corrosive which basically DOT’s them… I think?  Again second game and I am new to the weapon’s damage type. I’m still unsure of everything!

But as this is a journeyman league, I am committed to seeing them through to the end! I know for a fact I will not be around the following week because of travel and my wife’s birthday, so I have two weeks worth of points to acquire. Week 3 is from 10 – 25, (so 15) and week 4 is from 25 to 50, ( a grand total for 40 points!)

This does allow me to hunt for a bargain on e-bay though, and you all know I love a good bargain! I am hoping to find some sort of fury management to help out with the war beasts and then some solo characters. If I can keep my purchases under 50 bucks and get 40 points worth of models (or more) I will be a happy camper.


Right now I have my Troll Bouncer, Troll Impaler, and Troll Axer completely done. Ragnor took a back seat to the Slag Troll and he is pretty basic. With the Slag Troll I decided to try and learn something so I am attempting to paint his skin tone a yellow color. Having never done that before I am thinking I will do Averland Sunset (2 thin coats), with Casandora Yellow shade. Then brighten it up with Yuerl Yellow and Flash Gitz Yellow. After that, I will paint all the rock and metal bits coming out of him with a tried and true rusted metal method and pick out any remaining detail work.

My goal is to have him done before Monday and use the following week to prime up any new models I get (I always use black primer) and get a few more colors done on Ragnor.


With the rules I think I will start reading up on some of the special traits again as I tend to forget about those and they are really what make models stand apart from one another.

Also I need to start getting my units to synergize with one another and think of some tactics. Do I want to build something that lets me play defensively where I take a hit and then strike back harder? Should I think more about getting into grips with my opponent faster and go for a more “hit first think later” approach? The models I end up getting will probably help me out with this decision as well…

So Week 2:

  • Total cost 48, (on the hunt for some bargains)
  • 3 miniatures done 2 unpainted (Bouncer, Impaler, Axer, Ragnor, and Slag Troll)
  • 2 games played 0 wins
  • Status: Frenzy why!!!

Incase you missed it, here’s Week One!!


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