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It is literally raining supplements right now. First it was The Wrath of Magnus, and now Codex Supplement “Traitor Legion” was just spotted!

We had received images of what looked to be a new codex supplement Friday night, but were reluctant to publish them, however now they are making their way across the web.

It appears to be from the new White Dwarf, however there is no way to confirm that this is an actual product shot at this time. If this IS actually happening it would mean that Games Workshop would be dropping TWO supplements in the same week (or so)!

++UPDATE++ GW has confirmed this product is offical and is coming soon.

December also sees more books on the way that all Chaos Space Marine and Imperial commanders should immediately be adding to their Gift Lists. We’ll have more details on all of these for you soon, but for the moment, here’s a tantalising glimpse into the covers of the future:


However I am sure Chaos fans would not mind this sort of attention at all!

Source: Bolter and Chainsword

codex traitor legions chaos

and the image that was submitted to Spikey Bits (which is a bigger file size):

codex traitor legions chaos

Now the only reason I can imagine that GW would drop TWO supplements in the same week (or even this close to each other) would be because they are fundamentally changing how the base army works. Which again I am sure most Chaos players would not mind as well.

So are we looking at a curse of the Wulfen supplement to introduce the T-Sons and another supplement like the Angels of Death (but traitor legion style) to update Chaos to a new standard?

Either way Chaos, is indeed back! More as we know it folks.

The latest on new 40k:


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Games Workshop just posted up some new pictures, and gave a few tantilizing details of the new releases early Saturday Morning:

It seems like 10,000 years since we’ve seen a new multipart plastic kit for one of the Chaos Space Marine Legions, but the wait has been worth it. The new models are phenomenal – dripping in detail reminiscent of the ancient cultures and sorceries of lost Prospero.

Gamers amongst you will notice some new weapons on there too: flamers and heavy weapons alongside the better known bolters. I know what you’re thinking, do they have awesome new rules? They totally do.


Woah! new Terminators? Rubric Marines we were perhaps expecting, but this is a welcome surprise. The Scarab Occult are the Legion elite, clad in armour with hints of the Tartarus pattern armour of ages past (like in the Burning of Prospero box! See what we did there?)


And these guys! Tzaangors, who we’ve previously seen prowling the Silver Towers of the Mortal Realms, make their Warhammer 40,000 debut. Thousand Sons are an elite force, so the option to have a horde of… more expendable warriors to soak up a bit of enemy fire will, we’re sure, be welcomed by Tzeentchian generals.


And of course, the Sorcerers themselves: each more powerful than any weak-blooded Librarian of the Space Marines Chapters, steeped in 10,000 years of arcane lore and blessed by the master of Fate himself.

The models are impressive indeed. Where the Rubric Marines have remained untouched by Tzeentch’s warping power, the same is not true of his true champions. The Exalted Sorcerers exhibit a range of strange avian mutations, making them stand out from the ashen-automata of the wider Legion.

And that still isn’t all.

We’ll be back later today with a close-up look at the new Ahriman model…

So what we know right now:

  • Five new kits are on the way for Chaos and the new Wrath of Magnus Supplement.
  • Judging by the Magnus teaser on Friday and the lack of pre-orders on GW’s site, these models will go on sale November 25th.
  • The Thousand Sons have access to some sort of Rotor weapon for both their Terminators and Power Armored marines
  • New hobby supplies ensure everyone can get armies up and running in no time!
  • There may be a second supplement on the way titled “Traitor Legions”.

Wrath of Magnus curse of the wulfen

The Latest On Curse of the Wulfen From GW & Around the Web

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