BREAKING – GW Releases New Curse of the Wolfen Teaser

By Rob Baer | November 13th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

new magnus the red primarchCome see the 10 second teaser video that Games Workshop just dropped for what looks to be the long awaited Curse of Wulfen Book II!

It looks like the rumors may be true and we will see Magnus and his merry men in the return to harass Fenris for a battle 10,000 years in the making.

Source Warhammer TV


“Ten millennia we have waited.
Now, vengeance comes to Fenris.”


warzone fenris part II

So we have what clearly looks to be the Fenris system judging by the rune in the left.

warzone fenris part IIThe video concludes with the Warzone Fenris Logo, surrounded by the serpentine motif of the Thousand Sons:

warzone fenris part II

Another give-away it’s Warzone Fenris part II is the link GW embedded to the first book on their site as well.

So this picture of Magnus, Arhiman and the XV legion with a Wolf shaped mountain in the background looks to be carrying weight now.


Is this December’s BIG release? More news as we know true believers!

But for now checkout the Magnus kit we hope will be spearheading this long awaited release:


Source Drake Seta 

We knew he was coming, and according to rumors he took over 300 hours to paint. Behold the sprues to the red giant, Magnus!


(Pictures enhanced by BoLS)

magnus-sprue-01Legs & Accessories
Wings, Armor & Staffmagnus-sprue-03magnus-sprue-04Closeupsmagnus-sprue-05magnus-sprue-07Blade Tabard, terrain, weapon & hair (Space Wolves Ferrus Pattern Dreadnought Arm)magnus-sprue-06Head

Question is now, how much will he cost? Get your ready to summon your wallet to the register soon!

gw logo new long

GW’s 2016 New Release Roadmap Roundup


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