Make Your Own NES Classic Console For Under $30

nes emulator

Missing out on the NES Classic got you down? Spending your days sulking and waiting for the next wave to come out? Well stop, because we have news for you!

As many of you know, the NES Classic flew off the shelves all over the world, leaving many of us crying like a pre-schooler who just wet our pants. But all is not lost because of amazing people in the world like Zach! This amazing soul has come up with a solution that will have you happier than a kitten at a catnip toy factory! He has made his own retro gaming rig out of an origional NES game cartridge. Yes you hear that right! What’s that you say? That’s not even possible? I assure you it is and he even tells us how he did it and where to get all the parts!

This is what Zach on has to say about his creation.

nes emulator

I just put 2,400 vintage games (and an emulator to run them) into an NES cartridge for about 30 bucks. Computing power has finally become small (and inexpensive) enough to make such a project possible. What a wonderful time to be alive. 🙂

The basics of what I’m calling the Pi Cart (great name, eh?) involve a Raspberry Pi Zero, an old NES cartridge, a small USB hub and adapters of various sizes. Unless you want to get crafty or save a few bucks on adapters, no soldering is required.




nes emulator


Check out this video for more details.

Zach has provided a list of the parts needed and where to get each of them on so please make sure you head over there for all of the details and I hope this was able to bring you out of the dark depression that you were in for missing out on purchasing the NES Classic.


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