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There’s a ton more Warhammer product to see! Checkout all the new Forge World Exclusives and First Access Products from the 40k Open.

30k guru Garro is on the floor at the Warhammer 40k open day, sharing the event with everyone:



custodes tank mastodon

Guess what tank is way bigger than we thought!

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UPDATE: some pics of the Phoencian weapons sent to us from Thioux Arnaud


14959185_910357002429941_1567328410_o 14958227_910356999096608_1388826420_o



Here’s the closeups from Forge World’s previous posts as well:






and a little something for yours truly:

legio cusodes t-shirt

Don’t miss one second of this weekend’s 40k Open coverage below:


Warhammer 40k Open


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