New Blood Bowl Miniatures Teaser From Forge World!

blood bowl

Look who will be making miniatures to join the brutal game of Blood Bowl! Come see what’s coming soon from your favorite resin company, Forge World!

What good is a brutal game without someone there to call you out and kick you in the ribs at the same time! Check out these new referees from Forge World that are on the way soon!

Source: Warhammer Community

blood bowl ref forge world

“Hey, Jim, did you see the Full Beard Cup this weekend?”

“I’m afraid not, Bob. I’m sure I’ll catch the Cabalvision reruns, though. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t ask us to commentate!”

“Yeah, they had a pair of namby-pamby humans instead. From the look of ’em, they’d never last a second on the pitch!”

“Well, not all of us are such naturals, Bob. Anyway, how was it to spectate for once?”

“It was real nice, Jim. And I’m telling you, there was some seriously dirty play. One team – Wood Elves, can you believe it – had ten players sent off over the weekend!”

“That’s an average of two per game… talk about filthy!”

“Yeah, the fans loved it, but the commissioners weren’t happy. I hear they’re recruiting some new referees!”

“Ooh, interesting. I imagine they’re going for big, strapping types like yourself, all the better to keep order?”

“Uh, well… I guess they don’t wanna spend that much gold…”

blood bowl ref forge world

Blood Bowl: $99

blood bowl

A combination of strategy, tactics, and absolute mindless violence, Blood Bowl is the classic game of fantasy football. 2 players act as coaches, selecting their teams from rosters of Human and Orcs and taking to the playing field to earn fame, fortune and the adulation of fans along the way!

Included in the box

Everything you need for yourself and an opponent to play bone-crunching games of Blood Bowl:

–        12 plastic Human players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers and 6 Linemen;
–        12 plastic Orc players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Black Orc Blockers and 6 Linemen;
–        extra balls, team counters, and bases featuring holes to place the ball in, indicating possession;
–        a double-sided foldout card pitch – one Orc side, one Human side, each divided into squares to regulate movement and combat;
–        2 card dugouts, each with a Human team’s sideline on one side and an Orc sideline on the other;
–        a deck of cards detailing Special Plays and Star Players, as well as references for the included miniatures;
–        2 sets of dice, coloured blue for the Humans and green (of course!) for the Orcs – a mix of D6 Block dice, ordinary D6’s, D8’s and D16’s;
–        a 56-page rulebook – this contains the basic rules of Blood Bowl, a number of optional extra rules (Fan Support, different weather, Illegal Procedures, time limits, hand-overs, block assists and more), a guide to assembling your teams and the story of Blood Bowl’s origins;
–        a range ruler (used for measuring distances when throwing the ball), scatter template (used to see where the ball careens off to when dropped) and throw-in template;
–        a sheet of decals containing number and team symbols, and a list of player positions that can be applied to the edge of your models’ bases.

Check out our unboxing video!

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