Latest – New Thousand Sons Rules Revealed So Far!

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Those Thousand Sons know how to have a firefight! Checkout the confirmed rules for their units and weapons plus Magnus himself from over the weekend!


Table of Contents of the Rules Book, Courtesy of BoLS

From this we can see the following additional rules for Chaos: new Horrors splitting mechanic, a new Tzeentch warpstorm table, Legion traits and artifacts for the T-sons, a detachment and new warlord traits. Plus an update Tzeentch psychic chart as well.

Judging by this it looks like there will be some big things coming for the rest of the Chaos Legions. Checkout the latest from the weekend below:

thousand sons

40k Wrath of Magnus New Rules Datasheets Preview

Come see the lineup of datasheets, detachments, and rules that’s coming our way in the new Chaos Wrath of Magnus supplement.


New Thousand Sons Rules Artefacts & Traits REVEALED

Come see the new Thousand Sons Army, Rules, Artifacts, and Traits right out of the upcoming Wrath of Magnus book, and some thoughts on how good they are!

Ahriman The Exile hor wal

New Rules For Ahriman, Tzeentch Psychics, Wargear & More! 

Checkout the rules for the Arch Sorcerer Ahriman, new Psychic powers, wargear and more in another teaser for the Curse of Magnus Supplement.


New 40k T-Sons Inferno Weapon Profiles CONFIRMED

Those Thousand Sons know how to have a firefight! Checkout the confirmed rules for their weapons in the new Curse of Magnus book!

Seems like Chaos has way more tactical options starting now. But don’t forget there are 8 more legions to get rules here soon as well, and who knows what craziness will ensue when the Traitors Legions book drops!

What do you think so far of their new weapons, and how effective then can be for the points?

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

Latest on the new Thousand Sons Model Releases & Rules

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