New Puppetswar Ork Football Team – BITS


Get your fantasy football on with these new Ork Footballers from Puppetswar. Get ready to spike the ball right into the faces of the other team. Boom!

Via Puppetswar

Orc Footballer Team $44.54


353-2301-thickbox 353-1354-thickbox 353-2300-thickbox

“Set 10 resin Orc Football Team players and two game balls, and two extra heads. Bodies and hands have 3x1mm holes allows to mount the magnets, magnets (if used) allows for very simple assembly and disassembly parts according to preferences. Models are designed to fit 28mm “heroic” tabletop wargames scale (maximum height of models is about 35mm). supplied unassembled and unpainted.”

These Orc Footballer would make on mean football bashing team! Grab some today to add to the fun of the up and coming re-release of Blood Bowl!

My favorite play is BLITZ!

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